Friday, November 30, 2007

My Zeno's paradox

He argued for atomicity of movement. He told that we cannot start moving. Suddenly, I have proved this conjecture in Newton laws. The paradox is that constant force, F, applied to mass m does not accelerate it at all!

Suppose that you start off at zero speed and, thus zero kinetic energy E = mv²/2 = m0²/2 = 0. The problem is that energy, pumped into the vehicle is zero also, P = dE/dt = Fv = F * 0 = 0. So, kinetic energy (the speed) does not increase because it is zero!

I asked the question in the physicsforums and got the terrible answer. The people, who we are imposed to call "mentors" told that I am wrong because there is acceleration, which changes the velocity and they explained that P = 0 and "direvative" dE = mdv != 0. After I pointed out that acceleration cannot be positive when power is zero, they called my post "a gibberish", could not distinguish between differential dx and derivative dx/dt, called me idiot because of that and closed the topic afterall like it is their decision if topic is answered rather than mine. Later, russ_waters appeared as US imperialism proponent, doing censorship in political forum. He banned me in  2012 when I created a topic on US support of terrorism in Syria.

The paradox was resolved by russian guys at dxdy. The differential equation dE/dt = sqrt(E) grows infinitly quickly at zero. This is how we get out of it.

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