Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why Linux is better

It is believed that the Best OS in the World is more user-friendly. Yet, I see that Linux is more useful.

  1. In contrast to proprietary Windows, Linux is not Intel-limited. It runs from custom embedded to supercomputer platforms.
  2. Many useful objects are exposed through the File System, making them very easily accessible by user and much more useful, therefore:
    1. Physical disks and null device. Recently, I needed to test USB speed. The flash drive has zero read time. I could copy the files from USB to SATA disk. But, writing is not necessary and distorts results. Furthermore, the files copied to flash will be cached by Windows. The test is simple in Linux: copy directly from physical device to null device!
    2. Links. The best OS in the world has finally added them in year 2005, decades after its legacy obsolete competitors. And, what do you think? It was introduced in a way to make them absolutely unusable:
      1. Normal users need "elevated privilege". Why don't they need any privs for the average files?
      2. Privilege cannot be granted to admins. Admins must use a special admin console.
      3. Both need to specify the target type - folder of file. The most clever OS in the world cannot determine this itself!
    3. Pipes. Applications normally save output to file but it is often needed to forward the output to some process.
  3. Mounting. There is no problem to have an ssh folder.
  4. Executable type is identified by file contents rather than extension. It makes it easy to replace the original executable with your script and track who calls it altogether with the arguments.
  5. Installing. It is much simpler to hit 'yum install stuff' than clicking buttons in download and install dialogs. It is much easier to copy-and-run commands than looking for menu buttons to click.
  6. There are vital apps coming with Linux preinstalled. Windows users must waste their time on finding and installing Notepad++, Hex editor and mail/News reader. Mozilla Thunderbird is not very user-unfriendly compared to what I had in Linux ready newsreader.
  7. There is crucial free Linux SW (e.g. file comparison is only Trial in Win)
  8. Compiling. With gcc and libs automatically installed, Linux is created for C++ opensource.
  9. The World's Best OS is unable to partition disks with data, read any disks besides NTFS and FAT, does not support other OSes in boot.
The fact that Linux exposes many useful things and advanced users like it is advertised as 'Linux is useful only for advanced users' by Microsoft-supporters. This is a perversion.

  1. В отличае от засекреченых исходноков Виндоус, открытый код компилируется под любое железо.
  2. Поддерживает Pipes в файловой системе - вывод программы, которая пишет только в файл, может быть как поток перенаправлен в нужное место. Не нужно тратить лишнее место и энергию (чтение/запись) чтобы затормозить передачу.
  3. Монтирование. Есть у тебя папка на ssh - нет проблем.
  4. Исполняемые файлы не по расширениям. Бинарик можно подменить скриптом, например для настройки переменных среды перед вызовом бинарика.

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