Thursday, September 22, 2016

Giving advises in individualist society [closed]

I see that our society has transformed into individualist society and every individuals around me are quite individualistic. People are quite efficient at the work but their spendings at the private time, when I see them, is crazy. Yet, when I try to fix it with my deepest affections, they prefer to wound me to display that they need the money from me, not the advises. They are ready to listen only from the rich people.
Should I start explaining them anything by my initiative when I feel that I need to? This answer raises also in case when the initiative is theirs, when they ask me anything to explain. I need to decide how deeply should I go in the answer. I can give a short answer, which hardly explains anything or go into the details that I feel critical and important. But, they are not even informed about such nuances ever exist and, therefore, do not ask about them. Should I start telling them something on my own initiative?
Suppose now that one of them goes blindly to fall out of the window. Should I stop them, telling what they are essentially doing? I ask because I see a contradiction here. I should stop them from the ethics point of view, but, I should not from the individualist point of view. From individualist point of view I should silently let them to fall. This is their wish after all for me to keep my mouth shut to let them do quietly what they want to.
Another contraction arises if their action harms me. For instance, you know that you must buy a household and a car(s). It is a must individualist lifestyle. Yet, it destroys the environment. The individualist lifestyle of the dream not only pumps out their budget, it also drains the oil reserves and destroys the planet that I live on. So, on one hand, I must defend my interest and tell them what they are doing. On the other hand, I should shut up and enjoy whatever they do. How to resolve this contradiction?

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First off welcome to philosophy.SE. There may be a question in here, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding it. Could you edit and make this much clearer? – virmaior Jul 31 at 23:18
Good trolling, @virmaior, welcome! – Little Alien Jul 31 at 23:29   
huh? I'm genuinely saying I don't understand the question you're asking about philosophy in there. I see a lot of writing and a lot of claims, but on the simplest level, what is your question about philosophy? – virmaior Jul 31 at 23:38 
Saying that I have the claims but not questions when I have questions is trolling. You may say that my questions are not about philosophy but substituting "you have the questions about ethics and, thus, these are claims rather than questions" is trolling. Just tell that you do not bother to read beyond the first paragraph. Otherwise, you troll. When people say that white under their nose is nothing but black, they troll. – Little Alien Aug 1 at 8:38   
Probably you should give it as answer. Your trolling suggests that people take individualism because they do not notice the contradictions. When you do not notice the contradictions that I put under your nose you basically demonstrate the way you deal with them. – Little Alien Aug 1 at 8:47   
I'm really not following why you think I'm trolling. Can you highlight the specific answerable question about philosophy both here in a comment and by editing your question? The Philosophy.SE isn't meant for us to critique essays and write lengthy responses (as if it were a variant on code review SE), it's more like "What does :: mean in php?" type questions that work here... Again, what more specifically is your question? – virmaior Aug 1 at 10:15

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