Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Asking for a technical term is opinion-based

How do you call use of military power all over the world to make your country great? [on hold]

What is a technical term for using military power abroad, subduing other nations, to make your nation great? Please bring me at least one historical example.
The purpose of my question is to make people think a little and tell me what is happening in the world.

put on hold as primarily opinion-based by bytebusterAlexeiPandaCarpetsmokerBregalad 2 hours ago

Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, but answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise.If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit your question.
The term you're looking for is "imperialism". – Bregalad 2 hours ago
@Bregalad It is weird that you give me objective term that I asked and, at the same time, say that it is subjective and not answerable. – valentin 1 hour ago   
In the context of this website your question is opinion based which isn't what this site is about, as I would take it as a rant which I could only assume to be about US or Donald Trump. It is indeed answerable but in regards to the term you ask for, but not for the historical example. As that would be one person's opinion against another whether it fits the context of what you are asking. – Bradley Wilson 1 hour ago 
Please be more specific. What is a problem with assuming US or D. Trump, what is the problem with having historical examples? What has it to do with persons? Just say that this question would be legitimate if imperialism would not be the current US policy. Do not try to hide your ideas behind verbiage. – valentin 1 hour ago   
At best I'd say that this question is off topic here. if you really are after only the term to be used, you should ask on – Federico 1 hour ago
These are not my ideas, I didn't vote to close. This website is a forum for questions to be asked in a way where you have to atleast done some research into the topic you are querying about, that can be answered with verifiable facts in a partial setting which is more specific to government processes and policies. Asking about imperialism is more of a question for History.SE, if you are looking for examples. – Bradley Wilson 1 hour ago 
@Federico Why should I try opinion-based question at another site? Who says that single term questions are off-topic here and on-topic there? Might be it is vice-versa. – valentin 1 hour ago   
because there single term questions are on topic, they even have a tag for them:‌ sts But ONLY if you are after the term. – Federico 1 hour ago 
@BradleyWilson My primary question is a political term, not historical example. My question applies to the current state of affairs, not just history, as you have spotted yourself. – valentin 1 hour ago   
Because I said the term can be answered doesn't mean its on topic here, I would follow federico's advice if thats the case. I spotted a rant in which i made my assumption clear. It still doesn't make it on topic as is. – Bradley Wilson 1 hour ago 
@Federico But terminology tag here does not say that single-word terms are banned here. Who says that it is unreasonable to ask for political term in the political forum? – valentin 1 hour ago   
"The purpose of my question is to make people think a little" <- definitely="" off="" s="" span="" that="" topic=""> – Federico 1 hour ago
@valentin Personally I voted because it's off topic, even if it says "opinion based", that's just because the majority of voters choose that (why, I have no idea, I don't think it's opinion based). I think the question could be on topic on English SE as Frederico advised, definitely not on History SE though. – Bregalad 11 mins ago

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