Sunday, October 13, 2013

Removing a file protection

I remember an anecdote where user was frightened by million Windows confirmation dialogs when wanted to delete a file and given up in the end. Har-har, you say happily: Windows treats users like cattle!

But it is much worse in Linux. You first try rm. It says you "it is a directory". There is no yes/no dialogs. You must google to proceed. Soon you discover that rmdir is intended to remove the folders. Happy you use it just to receive next excuse -- "Folder is not empty". You are a bit furious now. Soon you discover --ignore_fail_on_non_empty flag. Ignore non-empty! That is what I need finally! But only not in Linux. Linux protects files much better. There is not way to remove files in Linux. The command line exists just to infuriate the people.

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