Friday, September 30, 2016

The justice prevailed for the first time ever

I cannot believe my eyes. Here is a statistical post on a chat.stat.stackexchange. The boss has marked as spam/offensive. Statistical question in a statistical chat is defenitely a spam/offensive when your boss does not want to see it right? You is a free person, you have a boss and you msut obey him. Same in the internet. Every volunteer community has a boss who contributes during his free time and we must obey him, fulfilling all his whims, no matter how criminal. Same is here. The boss was very surpirsed when others refused to fulfill his nasty letter. They have decided to fact check the dirty insinuation of the boss as truth, not take it for granted. It turned out that posting statistic question in statistic room is not a spam nor offense. It was certainly offense when the room boss dislikes it but flag has invoked the bosses from other rooms which did not share the dickness of the stats room owners. You see how the dick started to twist. He stated that posting on-topic questions is spam/offense because it is not appropriate. Obviously, it is not. Even child can understand that the advise that it is better to post these questions on Main site instead of chat does not mean that posting question in chat is invalid. The guy with 17k reputation could not understand that himself. He behaves like mad dictator and others have to explain him that math/stat is not offense only if it is offense and what is he doing in the math/stat room if it is offense? Hardly the dick could expect such rebutt. He certainly behaves like a boss whose absurdish word is a law. Then, dick continued twisting saying that he referred some another response. He twisted when others asked him to point what he means by "it". They started to explain him that he needs to point exactly which post he refers to. The nazi dick replayed with the pointer to this advise! He just trolls the every piece of sense people try to deliver to him. He behaves like baby. They guy with 17k reputation behaves like baby!

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