Monday, October 10, 2016

How is that possible that terrorists threaten EU states but not Middle East? [on hold]

I see that Western world (how do you call that superstate, controlled from the US?) is very sensitive to Islamic terrorists. Meanwhile, the West is reckless to support "moderate" jihadist "freedom fighters" in the moderately democratic states like Libya, Egypt and Syria, and also Afghanistan during the Soviet time, in the Middle East where you can easily find and recruit people crazy about Islam.
It cannot be that western superstate has a hidden agenda. So, why such blindness and outrageous double standards? Is it because they love Saudi-Quatar that much? Why don't we have the Arab Spring supported in those tyrannies?
If the western narrative is right, if Arabs did upraise against the tyrannies then why did it happen in Libya, Egypt and Syria, where you have democratically elected government but not in the absolute, west-supported Islamic tyrannies?

Edit: I have got immediate answer that people do not think about it because they are stupid. But who exactly? The most advanced intelligence service in the history is stupid? Or we are stupid if believe this excuse over and over again?

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