Thursday, January 19, 2017

Discussing Portable MP3 players is a taboo

I was a user of a cheap MP3 player, which had a major flaw

  1. It stopped playing as soon as I plug the USB charging cable into it
  2. I lost the track when I unplug the cable and start the device again. It starts from the beginning instead of last position.
Can you imagine the crap? I have rushed through all electronic shops in our city, asking if more high-end players are free of it, can it play while on USB line and remember their last position? All service person answer either "no" or "I do not know".

So, obviously, you move on the internet specialized sites for the consumer electronic advises. Because I have no idea which keywords ask from google and fail. I added the support for accelerated/variable speed playback into my request. And, what do you think? My question is always deleted! This is a taboo question. In consumer-electronics.stackexchange (there was such specialzed site for a while) particularly, they closed under contrived pretext that I have to google myself first. Asking the dick to show me how to google for that, has he made any attempt to google himself to tell me that my request can be found in google in couple of clicks the dick just became more aggressive and got some support from other dicks that own the site and mock you with all kind of nonsense there.

Later, a similar situation occured to me at when I asked for a wired USB keybard with touchpad. People are full of shit. They create discussion forums in order to not let you to speak, Q&A to stop the question from being asked in the first place.

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