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Working with popular electronic services that ask you to disclose all your bank password/credentials

I have to say that this method will work with credit card only, tied to the temporary account. You should not disclose the bank password since it gives access to all accounts.

Working with popular electronic services that ask you to disclose all your bank password/credentials

Ebay forces you to use their PayPal service, which forces you either to give out your credit card credentials or passwords for the bank access. Both forms of transfering funds from your bank to paypal account, as I understand, endow the PayPal full access to your bank account such that PayPal can pull any amount of money from your banking account as it wants.
I have complained that it is not safe, asking you to analize or dispell my doubts. Meantime, thinking about it, I came to conclusion that I can secure my banking account myself. Just open another banking account with a limited balance and deny it going below zero. So, unfair service won't charge me more than I have there on the balance. This should work with all other popular services since they also seem to want access to your credit cart (and all the money, thus) rather than letting you to push your money to their public account. They all seem suspicious and criminal whereas my method seems promising to stop the fraud - clearing your balance. Yet, I do not see any personal finance guideline advising it. Why? Why nobody advises to create a banking account for temporary operations? Why do they say that PayPal service is safe, without letting the public to analyze and discuss that safety?
Yes, I do not understand how can you let discussing how to operate around the islam-imposed restrictions but not (the safety of) electronic market places. Why islam that you have no tag for is fine but discussing paypal that you do have [special tag5 for] is forbidden? Why double standards everywhere? And why every piece of shit asks you to "be nice"?

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I see that PayPal wants either my credit card or my bank password throug the 'Trustly' service. Is it because they want to keep me by the balls and empty my banking account when time comes or what? Why cannot they simply allow me to make the banking transfer myself? Here, in Estonia, it is normal practice for already 20 years such that merchants expose their banking account and make you a service when you send money to that account with a reference, which identifies the requested service. You do not need to disclose the sensitive information. Why does eBay offers only credit card or PayPal service? Both credit card and disclosing your banking passoword allows the mercenaries to privatize all your money, isn't it? Why don't eBay/PayPal switch to others, well-established and secure payment schemes?

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Invostopedia says[1] that Banking is also considered a part of personal finance, including checking and savings accounts and 21st century online payment services like PayPal and Venmo. Working with PayPal belongs to the Personal Finance. It does not only because you, StakcExchange owners, are dirty dicks.